Sleep Dealer director Alex Rivera visits the Clarion 2015 class.

Since 2010, I have served as Director of the Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers' Workshop at UCSD. Founded in 1968, Clarion moved to UCSD in 2007 and is now a part of the Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination.  Clarion is crucial to my research, teaching, and public humanities work, especially my efforts to build bridges across divisions and disciplines and confront difficult interdisciplinary topics such as climate change, racial justice, and the work we all need to do in imagining and creating the future

Each year Clarion receives hundreds of applications from all over the world and a panel of writers and scholars selects 18 students. In recent years, students have ranged in age from 20 to 50 and come from the Philippines, Singapore, Canada, Italy, Finland, Iran, Australia, England, Spain, and across the US. For six weeks at UCSD in the summer, from late June through early August, 6 famous science fiction writers and editors join us to teach research and craft to the students, most of whom write a new story each week that we all critique together. While our faculty and students are creative writers, their interests are interdisciplinary. In addition to using interdisciplinary research in their fiction, many Clarion students have day jobs as scientists, social justice workers, educators, software engineers, filmmakers, and other occupations for which interdisciplinary research is crucial. Throughout the year, UCSD benefits from Clarion's presence when the Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination hosts public and student-centered events with special guests such as George R. R. Martin, Ted Chiang, Karen Joy Fowler, and Kim Stanley Robinson. 

George R. R. Martin and Kim Stanley Robinson with Shelley Streeby and Clarion alumni Nathan Hillstrom, Eugene Ramos, Zach Grafton, and Jessica Hilt

Proud to stand with three recipients of the Octavia E. Butler Memorial Scholarship from the Carl Brandon Society: L to R Lisa Bolekaja (2012), Senaa Ahmad (2018), Melanie West (2015)

Proud to stand with three recipients of the Octavia E. Butler Memorial Scholarship from the Carl Brandon Society: L to R Lisa Bolekaja (2012), Senaa Ahmad (2018), Melanie West (2015)

Clarion Class of 2018 starting front row and left to right moving back:: Senaa Ahmad, Ashlee Lhamon, Katherine Mead-Brewer, Daniela Tomova, Amanda Weiss, Silvia Park, Kathy Nguyen, Alanna Faelan, Mel Kassel, Ploi Pirapokin, Shelley Streeby (Clarion Faculty Director), Gavin J. Grant (anchor team instructor), Eliza Rose, D.M. Armstrong, Nicolas Anstett, Christian Opperman, Kelly Link (anchor team instructor), Beston Barnett, Katherine Hernandez, Audrey Hollis, Patrick Coleman (Clarion coordinator), and Shane Moring. Photo credit: Michelle Fredricks, Division of Physical Sciences, UC San Diego.


Back Row, left to right: Karen Osborne, Shelley Streeby, Luke Fredland, Amman Sabet, Ashley Mullins, Nina Niskanen, Amy Parker, Partrick Doerksen, Ted McCombs, Amanda Williams, Ren Arcamone

Front row: left to right: Margaret Jameson, Macky Cruz, Emily Lundgren, Jane Pinckard, Lucy Smith, Rachel Richardson, Sanjena Sathian, Ghislaine Lai, Rae Carson, Charlie Finlay


Row 1: Anchor Team Instructor Ellen Kushner, Anchor Team Instructor Delia Sherman, Giovanni De Feo, Jenn Grunigen, Jack Sullivan

Row 2: Mackenzie Smith, Benjamin Sloan, Emily Cataneo, Derek So, Grant Shephert

Row 3: Maggie Cooper, Faculty Director Shelley Streeby, Jen Julian, Kathleen Kayembe, Jaymee Goh

Row 4: Alan Lin, Marykate Jasper

Row 5: Kendra Fortmeyer, Sunil Patel, Jordy Rosenberg


Left to right: Evan Mallon, Vanessa Len, Sara Saab, Rose Hartley, Eugene Ramos, Bernard Cox, Shauna Roberts, Travis Lyons,, Karen Joy Fowler, Dayna K. Smith, Tiffany E. Wilson, Shelley Streeby, Pip Coen, Melanie West, adrienne maree brown, Lilliam Rivera, Jess Barber, Rebecca Ann Jordan, Zack Brown.


Back row, left to right:: Manish Melwani, Nino Cipri, Amin Chehelnabi, Ryan Campbell, Ellie Rhymer, Harry Markov, Noah Keller, Jeff Vandermeer, Zack Lisabeth, Marian Womack

Middle row: Kiik Araki-Kawaguchi, Sarena Ulibarri, Kristen Roupanian, Shelley Streeby, Amanda Fitzwater, Tamara Vardomskaya, Ann Vandermeer, Kayla Whaley

Front row: Martin Cahill, Leena Likitalo, Vida Cruz


Back row from left to right: Andy Duncan (Instructor), Matt Schnarr, Christian Coleman, Sophia Echavarria, Thom Dunn, Will Kaufman, Patrick Ropp, Brandon Haller, Angus McIntyre

Front Row: Gabriela Santiago, Brandie Coonis, Jessica Cluess, Shelley Streeby (Faculty Director), Alyssa Wong, Marie Vibbert, Isabel Yap, Pieter Van Tatenhove, Eliza Rose

Missing: Kodiak Julian/Leah Hieber, Zach Grafton


Left to right: Lisa Bolekaja, Pierre Liebenberg, Deborah Bailey, Sam Mikker, Luke Pebler, Sadie Bruce, Emma Cosh, Dan Minn, Eliza Blair, Eric Esser, Shelley Streeby, Sarah Mack, Lara Donnelly, Danica Cummins, Joseph Kim, Jonathan Fortin, Christopher Kammerud, Jeff Ford, Carmen Machado, Ruby Obeyesekere


Left to Right: Nina Hoffman, Andy Stewart, Shelley Streeby, Timothy Susman, Mark Philps, Brooke Bolander, Todd Castillo, Jasmine Stairs, Rebecca Adams, James Worrad, Peta Freestone, Jacob Cholak, Brooke Wonders, Christopher Stabback, Gillian Daniels, Joshua Lewis, Jim Brady, Erin Stocks, Dennis Ginoza

Left to right: adrienne maree brown, Sara Saab, Dayna Smith, Shelley Streeby. Photo credit: James Patrick Kelly

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